I am no writer, and certainly not intending to blog for a living (the current career choice of my generation). Instead, I am here after losing my way with life. Increasingly, I am getting fed up with the false image people display on social media, and found in one of the darker times of my life, that it effected me more than I care to admit. It made me feel awful. So, in a turn of events.. I am here to say that life is NOT all insta filters, edited images and carefully selected status’ – it is hard, sometimes ugly, but is beautiful in its own way, to the individual who is leading it.

This is my life, right now, without sugar coating, whilst I find my career path, my hobbies.. myself.  I will be honest, I’ll try to be funny (I will fail) and you’ll have to embrace the rants, mood swings and odd choice of wording.. so, enjoy!

S x

P.S Just to clarify, I am not THAT miserable.. I enjoy a pretty picture and love to hear of good news and achievements from loved ones, as much as the next person!